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1964 Gibson EB-0 Electric Bass SOLD

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US Price: US $1990.91
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 217047, dates to 1964 at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The Gibson EB-0 bass appeared in 1959 sporting the mahogany slab body design also used on the Les Paul Junior, to help offset the decline in EB-1 sales. In 1961, it received the new double cutaway body now known as the SG.

It was a fairly basic instrument, with a 30.5 inch scale length, cherry finish, single neck pickup and a variation on the stop-bar bridge. At first, the pickup had a plastic black cover, and in 1962 the cover changed to nickel plated metal (chrome plated by 1965). The non-adustable bridge gained individual saddles in 1966. The last revision in 1972 enlarged the body and gave it a maple neck. Production ceased in 1979.

This 1964 model is in excellent, original condition. The finish is in great shape, there is very little fret wear, and it plays well and cleanly. The EB-0 at this point had a somewhat odd feature - what should be a bridge or pickup cover in what would be the middle position. However, there's nothing underneath it, and it appears to have been intended as another finger rest or 'string guard'.

The original Gibson fibre (cardboard) case is included.

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