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1964 Gibson ES-335 Cherry with Bigsby SOLD

Price: CDN $14999.99
US Price: US $11945.52
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 176250
The Gibson ES-335 are acknowledged as the first ‘semi-acoustic’ electric guitars, and have been in constant production since 1958. The design and sounds they offer confirm their position as one of the most versatile guitars ever made.

This 1964 Gibson ES-335 finished in Cherry red lacquer carries a factory-original Bigsby B-7 dual roller tailpiece. All parts are original and while there's a fair amount of wear on the original frets, it's in good playing condition.

The '64 uses the first or second patent sticker variety of humbucker and these can sound every bit as good as the revered PAF. The bridge switched from metal to nylon saddles at about this time as well but that's an easy swap if you prefer the harder edge of the metal saddles.

Some Clapton purists might prefer the stop tailpiece but this factory installed Bigsby can only add depth to the textures one can create.

A period-correct case is included; there's no way to tell if it was the original case.

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