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1964 Supro Big Star S6451 TR (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1499
US Price: US $1193.76
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Class: Vintage
S/N: G27043
The 35-watt, 2x12 Supro Big Star amp was one of many models built between 1935 and 1968 by Valco, itself a brand of National Dobro.

The Supro Big Star S6541 TR amp was built in 1964. A combo amp with two 12-inch speakers, the Big Star featured tremolo and reverb - hence the TR designation - plus 35 watts, with the preamp on the top chassis and the power section on the bottom of the amp along with the reverb tank.

At this time, Supro reverb tanks were contained in a cardboard housing. This doesn't provide much in the way of protection, either physically or electically, so many of the original tanks have been replaced either because of damage or to reject electrical noise and hum.

On this amplifier, which is in very clean condition, the original reverb tank has been replaced with a newer metal-housed tank, and the speakers are newer and it has an important safety upgrade - a 3-prong power cord. The amp has been serviced and some caps have been replaced.

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