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1965 Ampeg Vista-Sonic Bass (SOLD)

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Ampeg has been producing musical equipment since 1946, and are best known for professional grade bass amplifiers used on many stages and recordings. In particular, the Ampeg SVT was a staple of arena back lines. However, Ampeg also produced a number of very interesting guitars and basses, including designs by Burns and Dan Armstrong.

During the early 1960s, Ampeg entered into a licensing agreement with Burns of London for the production of Burns instruments. This included the Ampeg Vista-Sonic Bass, with a pickguard reading "AMPEG by Burns of London". However, in 1965 Burns was sold to Baldwin, the licensing agreement expired, and production of the Ampeg models ceased.

This 1965 Ampeg Vista-Sonic bass is in good playing condition and has fairly minor wear. It has three single coil pickups and the tone selector switch includes the famous 'Wild Dog' setting; while the type of dog is not specified, it is based on a high-treble and out of phase wiring configuration. The pickups coils themselves are actually low impedance, and a matching transformer is included as part of the circuitry.

Some readers may note a physical resemblance between the Vista-Sonic body and the shape of Hayman guitars. This may be because a few years after the Baldwin deal, Jim Burns was involved in prototyping what became Hayman, but could no longer market these designs as Burns models.

A Sound City gig bag is included.

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