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1965 Epiphone Casino Thinline Archtop Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2999.99
US Price: US $2389.10
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 281298
The Epiphone Casino was very popular during the 1960's, propelled partly by its presence on many Beatles albums. A fully hollow archtop thinline, with a laminate maple body and mahogany neck, P-90 pickups and cousin to the Gibson ES-330, the Epiphone Casino is light and responsive, but at high volumes, prone to feedback.

This 1965 Epiphone Casino is in good playable condition and is largely original (the control knobs have been replaced). Long ago, it had a headstock repair which is quite solid. The frets are original with moderate wear, and could be dressed again before refretting.

The original nitrocellulose lacquer finish is in good condition with just a few small spot touchups.

A case is not included, but cases are available.

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