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1965 Fender® Jazz Bass Sunburst (SOLD)

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 114215, neck dates to 7OCT65A and Fullerton, California.
Leo Fender introduced the Jazz Bass in 1960 as part of a new wave of offset-waist instruments, including the Jazzmaster, targeted towards jazz players.

Unlike the immensely successful Fender Precision Bass's split hum cancelling pickup, the Fender® Jazz Bass features two single coil pickups that provide a much brighter, more focused tone that helps it stand out in a group or mix. The Jazz Bass also has a much narrower neck than the Precision. The wiring layout originally called for stacked volume and tone pots, but by 1962 a simpler 3-control layout appeared.

This example of the 1965 Fender® Jazz Bass dates to 7 October 1965, with replacement tuners, pots and bridge. It plays well as it is. There is light fretwear, and it appears that the frets are original, with some finish play wear between the 2nd and 7th frets on the back of the neck. The light wear on the frets and fingerboard suggest that it might have been previously strung with flatwounds - it presently has a recent set of roundwounds.

The body finish is in reasonable shape with buckle wear towards the neck end of the back, and some finish wear near the tail. The finish on the top is in better condition, with some marks from the original bridge / pickup cover. A hole was drilled on the tail end for another, higher strap pin. The thumb-rest was moved to the treble side to act as a finger-rest, by a player who mostly used his thumb.

The included case is what's known as a 'Canadian Distributor Case'. At the time, Canadian Fender distributors often supplied cases as required, if the customer didn't want the actual Fender case.

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