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1965 Fender Precision Bass Jazz Modified (SOLD)

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US Price: US $3185.47
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Class: Vintage
S/N: L81448
Part of Leo Fender's genius lay in how easy it is to modify his instruments without compromising their ability to function. This 1965 Fender Precision bass was modified long ago to add Fender Jazz Bass tones.

Guitar modification has long been a popular approach to the question of customized tone and feel - one of prime examples was Domenic Troiano's Telecaster. This need has resulted in a large and ever-changing aftermarket parts industry, but until the late 1970's there was little available except for original manufacturer's parts.

Based on a standard 1965 Fender Precision Bass, a Fender Jazz Bass pickup set, a toggle switch and extra pot were professionally added. This provides all the playability and tone of a Precision Bass with the punch and clarity of a Jazz Bass.

This bass has been professionally refretted with fairly large fret wire and there is little wear on the frets or fingerboard. It plays well and cleanly and is ready to go!

For a case, a non-Fender case from the period is included. During the early to late 1960s, many guitars sold in Canada did not have cases from the manufacturer; instead 'Distributor cases' were provided.

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