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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 1966 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst

Price: CDN $5999.99
US Price: US $4778.20
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 167312, dates to 1966 in Fullerton, California.
Though not the very first electric bass guitar - that distinction goes to the 1937 Tutmark Model 736 - the Fender Precision Bass is far and away the most recorded bass in history. Its portability and tolerance for high volumes provide the foundation for the way modern music is presented and recorded. As well, the simple facts of having frets and individually adjustable saddles made being precisely on pitch available to everyone.  

Another reason the Fender Precision bass is so relied on is that you CAN rely on it. The design is simple and solid, and it is very hard to actually break these to the point it has to be replaced.  

This is a 1966 Fender Precision bass with the very popular 3-tone sunburst finish. It's in all original condition with the exception of the output jack and the replaced pots which are from the '70s. The finger rest and 'ashtray' bridge cover are long gone. There are some dents and dings to the finish, but very little fret wear - perhaps it's been mostly played with flat wound strings, which don't wear down frets as round wound strings do.  

The original hard shell case is included.  

Click here to visit the Fender website and view the modern equivalent of this bass - the Fender American Vintage '63 Precision Bass!

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