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1966 Gibson EB-2DC Bass SOLD

Price: CDN $2250
US Price: US $1791.83
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 801162
From their introduction in 1958 to the late 1960's, the Gibson EB-2, EB-2D and EB-2DC were Gibson's best selling bass. Using the same design concept as the very successful ES-335 models, the EB-2, EB-2D and EB-2DC (the D stands for Double Pickup, and the C, for Cherry finish) have a 30 1/2 inch scale length and a deep tone.

The Gibson EB-2 Bass as launched in 1958 had one large humbucking pickup, called the 'Sidewinder' in the neck position. In 1966, a mini-humbucker was added in the bridge position, and the electronics expanded for individual volume and tone controls, a selector switch, and a 'Baritone' pushbutton switch.

This 1966 Gibson EB-2DC is in good, original condition with the play wear expected on a vintage instrument. However, there's no real damage, just a few dents, dings and finish scratches. The original hardshell case is included.

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