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1966 Silvertone 1446 Thinline Archtop Electric Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $1250
US Price: US $995.46
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Class: Vintage
S/N: No serial, but dates to 1966, built by Harmony in Chicago, Illinois
The Silvertone 1446 was built for Sears by Harmony, in Chicago, Illinois. At the time, Harmony was the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the USA.

Built between 1961 and 1967, the Silvertone 1446 featured a black finish on a single cutaway, thin hollow body, a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and a pair of mini-humbucking pickups made by Gibson. This example dates to 1966 and is in near original condition. The original bridge is in the case, but it's been replaced by a Gretsch Space Control bridge. The tuning gears may be vintage-style replacments. The original fibre (cardboard) off-white case is included. The guitar plays well and definitely has a strong vintage vibe! There is expected lacquer checking, and a few small finish chips here and there.

This model was used by Chris Issak in his band 'Silvertone' in the mid 1980's.

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