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1967 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst SOLD

Price: CDN $4999.99
US Price: US $3981.83
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 205998, neck date 5 Dec 67C
The Fender Precision Bass revolutionized the way music is presented, and was one of the key factors in allowing the dramatic rise in the volume of musical performances.

Until Leo Fender introduced the Precision Bass in 1951, most bass parts were played on upright, fully hollow arched top and back fretless instruments. These are cumbersome, heavy, and like other hollow instruments have strong tendency to feed back when amplified. The Fender Precision Bass, being solid, had none of those issues and as a bonus, the frets guaranteed that the notes would be precisely pitched - hence the name.

The Fender Precision Bass has gone on to be the most recorded bass in history and is seen on stages worldwide.

This 1967 Fender Precision bass is in good condition with light fretwear. The finish is somewhat worn and as expected, there are some chips and dings but overall the finish damage is light. The neck date reads 5DEC67C, and the original case is included.

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