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SOLD!!! 1967 Gibson J-50

Price: CDN $3250
US Price: US $2588.20
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 094092, built during 1967 at Giibson's historic Kalamazoo, Michigan plant.
The Gibson J-50 is very closely related to the iconic Gibson J-45 - in fact the difference is as little as the top wood selection and finish, the J-50 getting a natural finish to the J-45's sunburst.  

In 1942, both the Gibson J-50 and J-45 were launched. The J-50's natural top required better looking spruce, while the J-45's sunburst covered a lot of visual defects - though those 'defects' by no means translate into inferior tone. Almost immediately, material restrictions from WW2 set in, and the J-50 was discontinued while the J-45 continued. Production of the J-50 resumed in 1945 and continued to 1981.  

The J-50 uses a round or slope-shouldered dreadnought design, differntiating it from the Martin square-shoulder models. However, in 1968, Gibson bent to demand and the J-50 and J-45 body shape changed to square shoulders.  

This slope-shoulder example was built during 1967 and features the characteristic adjustable bridge, though the saddle is rosewood instead of ceramic. It is in good playing condition and has that unmistakable Gibson sound that accompanies a voice and records so well. It has definitely been used as intended, and it has a number of dings and marks. There are no cracks or repairs though there is a bit of finish damage that looks like it, on the back bass lower bout. As a mid-60's model, the neck is relatively narrow, especially compared to modern Gibson fingerboards. A strap pin was installed to the heel block, and it has been removed.  

A Gibson period hard-shell case is included.

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