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1967 Gibson SG Special Refinish SOLD

Price: CDN $1850
US Price: US $1473.28
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
The Gibson SG Special was introduced as a mid-range model, between the Junior and the Standard. It came with two P-90 pickups and either - as here - a stop tailpiece/bridge combination or also with a mini Vibrola unit.

This 1967 Gibson SG Special Refinish White is in good playing condition, it's very light and comfortable. The finish was replaced long ago, and was pretty well done; over time, the lacquer has yellowed and checked as expected.

The neck width is fairly small and narrow, with a 1 5/8 width. Originally, the fingerboard was bound, but during the refinish process the binding must have been removed and the neck shaped to match.

The pickups are original the one pot dates to 1964. The tuners have been replaced with newer Kluson-style machines, and the pickup selector ring is newer. A Gibson USA gig bag is included.

This is a very fun guitar to play!

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