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SOLD!!! 1968 Ampeg BB-4 Baby Bass

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US Price: US $1990.13
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 013531, built around 1968 by Ampeg in Linden, New Jersey
Though the Fender Bass swept through the music industry from its introduction, jazz bassists still wanted uprights and the Ampeg BB-4 Baby Bass was one of the few to directly address their needs. Introduced in 1962 and built until 1971, the original BB-4 featured a body of Uvex with a a tilt-adjustable maple neck and ebony fingerboard, and a pickup system built into the bridge. The scale length is 41 1/4 inches.

Until 1962, Ampeg produced only electronics. The BB-4 Baby Bass was their first instrument, using the Zorko bass design purchased from Ruby and Ed Dopera, Slovakian immigrants living in El Monte, California. If the name Dopera sounds familiar, it should - they were members of the family that invented the resophonic guitar and produced Dobros.

Records for these basses are not comprehensive, and we're dating this bass to around 1968 based on its serial number (located on the tailpiece post). This example is in good playing condition and the bridge-pickup has been replaced with an Azola model. The original Ampeg bag is included.

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