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1969 Fender Mustang Competition Blue SOLD

Price: CDN $2150
US Price: US $1712.19
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 239542, neck dates to 16JAN69B
The Fender Mustang appeared in 1964 as part of a revamp of the Fender entry-level Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic models - the Mustang was basically a Duo-Sonic upgraded with a trem bridge.

For 1969, things changed again and the Mustang recieved body contours, and three custom 'Competition' colours were available - with matching headstocks and racing stripes! These were Competition Red (with off-white stripes, Competition Orange (with dark orange stripes) and seen here, Competition Blue with lighter blue stripes.

It's in the nature of tinted lacquer finishes to react to light and air. Over time, the blue on this finish has turned to a bluish green. This colour shift is natural, and many examples of the same shift can be found online.

The Mustang was available with two different necks - either 24 inch or 22.5 inch scale lengths. Both necks had rosewood fingerboards and dot position markers.

This 1969 Fender Mustang 'Competition Blue' model is in good playing condition and is largely original. The tuners have been replaced with newer vintage Kluson style, creme plastic button models. One pot has been replaced and the other has a date of 1966. This is a 24 inch scale length model.

The finish is in good shape, and has faded to a blue-green. It has some wear and a few dings and dents, but is in overall good condition.

The original hardshell case, which has been painted black, is included.

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