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1969 Gibson Byrdland Florentine SOLD

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US Price: US $5335.66
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Class: Vintage
The Gibson Byrdland was introduced in 1955 at the request of Billy Byrd and Hank Garland, two top session guitarists who wanted full archtop tone, but in a more comfortable thinner body and a shorter scale length - 23.5 inches, rather than Gibson's standard 24.75 inches - to allow easier access to complex chords fingerings. It was the first of Gibson's thinline archtop guitars.

This 1969 Gibson Byrdland features the pointed Florentine cutaway; at various times the Byrdland has been available with either the Florentine or the rounded Venetian cutaway. In 1969, both were available.

See an example of a 1969 Gibson Byrdland with Venetian cutaway here

This guitar is in original condition with the exception of the pickguard. The original case is included.

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