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1969 Gibson ES-150 DCW (SOLD)

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Class: Vintage
Built from 1969 to 1975, the Gibson ES-150 DCW is a fully hollow archtop electic model with a double-cutaway body. As the 'DCW' model, it carries a walnut finish.

The ES-150 DC took cues from the Gibson ES-150, the first really successful 'Electric Spanish' guitar. Introduced in 1936, that guitar featured a 16 1/4 inch wide body with spruce top, maple back and sides, and originally the 'Charlie Christian' pickup. It was built until 1956, when it was discontinued in favour of other models like the ES-175 and ES-335.

Other Gibsons used this design concept - the Barney Kessel and the larger Trini Lopez are both full-body (3 inch deep, 15 3/8 inch wide) double cutaway archtop electrics. Laminated maple is used instead of solid maple, for superior feedback rejection. The neck is mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard.

In addition to the standard Gibson electronics, a master volume was installed on the treble side. Though it looks targeted to jazz players, the neck uses a typical late 1960's profile, the nut width is 1 9/16th inches with the Gibson scale length of 24 3/4 inches.

This 1969 example is in good, original condition with some lacquer checking and moderate fret wear. A lacquer chip was touched up on the top. A non-original hardshell case is included.

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