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SOLD!!! 1969 Harmony H22/1 Double Cutaway Hollowbody Bass Guitar

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 4280H22-1, built around 1969 by Harmony in Chicago, Illinois.
The Harmony H22 single cutaway flat top hollow body bass was built from 1961 to 1968, and from 1969 to 1972 it was replaced by the double cutaway H22/1 bass seen here. The H22/1 is fairly rare, most of the H22 examples are the older single cutaway models. For those of a certain age, you may remember the Small Faces had a hit single 'Itchigoo Park' - this featured Ronnie Lane and a Harmony H22. This is a 30 inch scale instrument.

In their 1970 catalog, Harmony described the H22/1 bass:   'No. H22/1. Hi-Value Electric Bass. Now Double Cutaway. Golden Tone Pickup, DeArmond Built - Comfortable Auditorium size, Ultra-Thin, hollow Tone Chamber body, with flat laminated maple top and back, celluloid bound edges. Highly polished sunburst finish. Slim Torque-Lok reinforced neck. 15 frets clear of the body. The rosewood fingerboard is comfortably narrow, 13/ in. wide at the nut. Full bass scale, 30 inches from nut to adjustable bridge. Fine quality flat wound strings. Finger tip switch provides choice of full bass or lighter baritone register. Rosewood finger rests.'

This example dates to around 1969 and is in good playing condition. The original, large triangular pickguard is long gone but the original fibre (faux gator cardboard) case is included. It's a fun bass to play and definitely has that 60's tone!

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