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SOLD!!! 1970s Fender Precision Bass

Price: CDN $1950
US Price: US $1552.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: L84177, 1965 neck plate not original to the the neck - possibly to the body. Built at the Fender plant in Fullerton, California.
The Fender Precision bass is hands down the most recorded bass in history. Its versatility and reliability immediately made it the go-to bass for countless players.

This Precision Bass is built of parts from at least two years. The neck and body have been refinished, so exact dates are gone, but the neck was built during the 1970's, the body is from the mid 1960's, and the L-series neck plate is from 1965. The pickguard and pots are newer. It plays cleanly and well, and is as adjustable as every other P-bass. Sold without case.

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