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SOLD!!! 1970s Hofner Lute Guitar

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Class: Vintage
S/N: N/A, built in Germany by Hofner around the early 1970s.
Here's something unusual for North America - but not for Germany. This is a Lute Guitar, built by Hofner in the early 1970's. Lute Guitars clearly derive from both the Lute and various zithers, became very common in Germany around 1850 and with the Waldzither, was elevated to the status of 'National Instrument' in the early 20th century. These instruments provided musicial accompaniment for the Wandervogel hiking movement.

The Hofner Lute Guitar is built using many of the principles of traditional lute construction, but is braced for and strung with steel strings. The bowl is assembled from individual strips of maple sanded to fit closely to one another. These ribs are taped together and the entire inside of the bowl is coated with a light penetrating glue, like hide glue. This causes the inside of the ribs to expand and 'freeze' in place, giving a concave surface on the exterior of each rim. It's very strong. On this instrument, the carved rose is removeable, and this is a great benefit recognizing that with a pin bridge, service will eventually be required.

This instrument is in good working order and plays cleanly. A hand-built carrying bag is included.

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