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1972 Gibson ES-325 Thinline Archtop Cherry SOLD

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US Price: US $2389.10
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 744764, dates to 1972 at the Gibson Kalamazoo plant,
Here's a farily rare guitar, the Gibson ES-325. This guitar was built between 1972 and 1978 and is a very clean example of Gibson's Norlin era production; Norlin was Gibson's parent between 1969 and 1986.  

Using the same general type of construction as the ES-335 - a laminate body with a center block - the ES-325 also exhibits a number of differences. The block is shorter, as in the new Gibson ES Les Paul, which makes the guitar more resonant, lighter, and makes wiring a breeze. As well, the controls are top-mounted on a D-shaped plastic plate, further simplifying wiring.  

The neck is maple, with a large volute and a fairly shallow headstock angle - Gibson now advertises a headstock pitch of 17 degrees, and this is significantly less.  

The pickups are mini-humbuckers with the Gibson logo stamped on the chrome covers, and a wide-travel 'Nashville' tune-o-matic bridge is used along with an ES-175 stylle trapeze tailpiece. Some versions of the ES-325 pair a standard narrow ABR bridge with a less expensive, thinner trapeze. Tuners are Gibson Kluson-style with metal tulip-shaped buttons.  

This is an early example of the Gibson ES-325 and is in very clean condition, with the original Gibson case. It plays well and cleanly, but the neck angle is fairly low, which was typicall of the construction, and the action is as low as it will go at 6/64ths inch.  

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