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1973 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst SOLD

Price: CDN $2500
US Price: US $1990.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 394652, dates to 1973 and the Fender plant in Fullerton, California.
The Fender Precision bass is one of the landmarks in modern musical instrument history, and like its siblings it has been fundamentally unchanged since its introduction in 1951.

This example, built during 1973 at the Fender Fullerton plant, is one of my favourites. The instrument is fairly light at 8.25 pounds, and the neck is wide yet not thick, so it's very comfortable to get around on. The rosewood fingerboard provides a slightly mellower tone than the maple version, and certainly makes the inevitable refretting less expensive.

That said, this instrument is nowhere near requiring a refret or any fret work. It has very little wear and is in good condition. There is a small amount of natural finish checking on the back near the controls, and a few small dings over the body but overall the finish is complete. The neck finish is also very lightly worn and the decals show no damage. It has been set up recently in our shop.

This 1973 Fender Precision Bass appears to be in original condition, is just missing the bridge cover and thumbrest. The original case is not included; instead a silver Rickenbacker bass case is provided.

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