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1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Price: CDN $2500
US Price: US $1990.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 618234, dates to 1973 at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Between 1972 and 1975, Gibson dropped the Les Paul Standard from its regular lineup, and built only the Les Paul Deluxe and Les Paul Custom. The Standard was available only as a special order and very few were built.

This guitar was built during 1973, and features a cherry sunburst finish with mini-humbuckers. These mini-pickups were based on Epiphone 'New York' humbucker, mounted in a modified P-90 cover, and the pickup routes matched the original pre-humbucking versions.

This guitar has had its neck resprayed to cover filled damage on the treble side of the neck near the heel, and edges of the headstock faceplate. However, the headstock has not been broken. One pot has been changed but otherwise parts are original.

There is expected finish wear, and the fret wear is moderate; the frets are fairly wide, and somewhat flattended. The original hardshell case is included.

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