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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 1975 Ampeg V4B Bass Tube Amplifier Head

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US Price: US $637.09
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Class: Vintage
S/N: N.A, buit during 1975 at the Ampeg / Magnavox plant in eastern Tennessee.
During the 1970s and 1980s, the 100-watt Ampeg V4B was one of the standard powerhouse bass amplifiers, seen on thousands of stages around the world.

The Ampeg V4B features the pre-amp section of the famed, and extremely powerful, Ampeg SVT (Super Valve Technology) amplifiers. These amps were targeted to professional bassists touring large venues. However, the 300 watt output of the SVT could be regarded as excessive if you're not playing a space such as an arena. At 100 watts, the V4B provides excellent tone with manageable power levels.

For tubes, four 6L6GC units run the power section, 12AX7 tubes are used for preamp, and a 12AU7 is used for the driver. Speaker outputs are 1x8 ohm, 2x4 ohm, and 2.2 ohm.

This amplifier is in good working order, with some wear - it's been used over hte last 40 years. The Midrange knob is missing, and the extension power jack on the rear panel is cracked. The covering and grillecloth are worn but not seriously damaged.

Visit the Ampeg website to learn more about the current Ampeg V4B 1971 Reissue bass amplifier head!

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