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1975 Fender Musicmaster Bass, Blonde SOLD

Price: CDN $899.99
US Price: US $716.72
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
Weight: 9.65
S/N: 636061, dates to mid 1975 at the Fender Fullerton plant.
The Fender Musicmaster Bass was built between 1970 and 1983, to provide a quality entry level bass and is based on the Mustang bass. It was often paired with a small amp of around 10 watts. Fender's standard construction method was used - a slab body with a bolt-on neck, in this case a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The scale length is 30 inches, 4 inches shorter than a Precision or Jazz bass.

For hardware, the Fender Musicmaster Bass is fairly basic. It has standard tuning gears, and adjustable bridge, and one pickup with volume and tone controls, and an output jack. All the electronics are mounted on the three-layer pickguard.

This example of the Fender Musicmaster bass was built in early to mid 1975, and is in overall good condition with some wear; the original thumb rest is missing. Thumb and finger rests were often removed because many players found they just were in the way!

A gig bag is included.

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