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1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Sunburst SOLD

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 654813, built at the Fender Fullerton plant during 1975.
There have been two versions of the Fender Telecaster Custom, and though instantly recognisable as Telecasters, they are equipped quite differently.  

The original Fender Telecaster Custom was introduced in 1959 and built until 1972, and was basically a standard Telecaster with rosewood fingerboard and binding around the top and back of the body, and either a sunburst or custom colour finish.  

In 1972, the next version of the Fender Telecaster Custom replaced the original and was built until 1981. On this version, the body wasn't bound and was in standard colours, but in the neck position it featured the new Fender Wide-Range humbucking pickup designed by Seth Lover. This new pickup was intended to preserve the clarity and brightness of Fender single coils while adding the 'fatness' and hum-cancellation of Gibson pickups. This was paired with a standard Telecaster bridge pickup, and the two were wired in the Gibson style - a toggle switch placed on the upper bout, and individual volume and tone controls.  

This example dates to 1975 and was built in the Fender plant in Fullerton, California. It is in original condition with the wear expected of an instrument that's been played for a few decades. There are a number of small chips and dings around the body, and a small amount of buckle rash on the back. The frets have been dressed, some time ago, and are a bit lower than original. As is usually the case, the finish on the edge of the fingerboard is worn through in some areas. The treble pickup tone control is chipped but replacements are available.  

The original Fender molded case is included.

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