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1976 Gibson G3 Bass ‘Grabber III’ Ebony (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1350
US Price: US $1075.10
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
Weight: 9.8 lbs.
S/N: 00196397, dates to 1976 and the Gibson Kalamazoo plant.
The Gibson G3 bass, or Grabber 3, was introduced in 1975 and based on the innovative Grabber bass with sliding humbucking pickup. The G3 has a more traditional approach with three single coil Bill Lawrence pickups.


During 1976, 1,359 Gibson G3 basses were produced, and 455 of them bore the 'ebony' black finish. At this point, the G3 bass was built at the Gibson Kalamazoo plant. The G3's last appearance in a price list was in 1980, though there are a few examples with serial numbers dating as far out as 1985.


Unlike many earlier Gibson basses, the Gibson G3 bass is full 34 inch scale. The nut width is 1.5 inches, and the weight is 9.8 lbs.


This example is in original, good overall condition, with a number of bumps, scratches and some finish wear on the back. Fret wear is moderate. It does play cleanly as it's set up, but the action is set a bit higher.


A gig bag is included.

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