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1976 Traynor Bass Mate (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Price: CDN $700
US Price: US $557.46
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 6031672
From the mid 1960s to the late 1970's, Peter Traynor designed and built amplifiers in partnership with Yorkville Sound. These amplifiers were very common everywhere in Canada, and are well known for their tone, reliability, durability and repairability.

Traynor made many models of amps, starting with bass amplifiers. Eventually the 25-watt, single 15 inch speaker Traynor Bass Mate YBA-2 appeared, and this amp was found in smaller spaces around Canada. Two basic models were offered - the YBA-2A 'piggyback' head and cabinet model, and the YBA-2B single-cabinet combo model.

This 1976 Traynor Bass Mate YBA-2B has been completely refurbished. Originally a combo model, it's received new YBA-2A style piggyback cabinetry, and covered with wheat coloured grille cloth and purple tolex (it's not as bright as the flash in the photo makes it look!). A line out connector has been added to the rear panel, new capacitors and new old stock tubes (2x EL84, 2x 12AX7) have been installed. The 15 inch 8-ohm Traynor speaker has also been redone.

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