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1977 Gurian J R Jumbo Rosewood Steel String Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $2100
US Price: US $1672.37
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: C2759, built during 1977 in Hinsdale, New Hampshire.
Michael Gurian has been involved in instrument construction since 1965, and until 1979 was one of the early major forces in the American boutique guitar market. In that year, a fire destroyed his factory, with most equipment and stock. Gurian re-opened its sawmill a month later, but since 1982 has focused on supplying woods and materials to luthiers and custom woodworkers.


This is a 1977 example of the Gurian J R model - the Jumbo body in Rosewood with a Spruce top. These were available in other woods, like Koa (the J K model). It is in good overall condition, with some expected play wear. It has an excellent neck angle, and there's lots of saddle for action adjustments. Fret wear is light.


Typical of its time, the complex label reads 'Gurian Workshops, Earth, Third Planet from the Sun'.


A hardshell case is included.


Visit the Gurian Instruments website to learn more about what Michael Gurian is doing now, and his broad range of products!


Read the December 2005 Guitar Player article on Gurian Guitars here!

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