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SOLD!!! 1979 Michael Schreiner Lute

Price: CDN $1500
US Price: US $1194.55
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: N/A, built during 1979 at Michael Schreiner's shop in Toronto, Ontario.
Michael Schreiner has been building lutes and historical instruments in the Toronto area for several decades. This renaissance style lute is an earlier example of his fine work.

Built in the traditional manner, this lute is crafted with a Sitka Spruce top, Cherry and Curly Maple ribs and peg box; the neck is also Maple, with a Rosewood fingerboard. The bridge is made of Cherry with an Ebony cap and the tuning pegs are Brazilwood, also called Paubrasilia or Pernambuco. The ftrets are traditional tied gut. The finish is very light, possibly a French Polish. Lutes are built so lightly that a heavy finish would be inappropriate.

This lute is in very good condition, with minor wear; the tradeoff of the light finish is that there's little protection from physical bumps. The original wooden form-fit case is included.

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