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1979 Spector NS-1 Bass SOLD

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Class: Vintage
S/N: 218, dates to 1979.
In 1976, Stuart Spector was hand-building bass guitars in the Brooklyn Woodworker's Co-Op workshop in Brooklyn, New York. Following a lunchtime chat, another co-op member named Ned Steinberger signed up to produce a new, modern instrument design. Yes - that Ned Steinberger, who later created the headless Steinberger Bass and Guitar using composite materials.

The result of Ned Steinberger's contribution was the Spector NS-1 bass, with a very comfortable and completely functional curved and carved body design. This single-pickup bass was introduced in 1977, and in 1979 the Spector NS-2 bass appeared, carrying a second Jazz Bass style pickup towards the bridge.

These Spector NS Basses became very popular, not just because they were different but because the difference was extremely comfortable. Immediately, they started appearing on stages large and small.

Built in 1979, this Spector NS-1 bass was converted in the early 1980's to NS-2 specs by Grant MacNeill at The Twelfth Fret. A DiMarzio Jazz Bass pickup was added, with an extra volume control. It features a maple center block running the full length of the bass, with cherry for the shape and depth of the body. The fingerboard and headplate are Pau Ferro, with small dot position markers.

This bass is in good planing condition and comes with a leather gig bag.

Visit the Spector Bass website to learn more about the current and past Spector NS Bass lineup!

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