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NO LONGER AVAILABLE! 1980 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Wine Red

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US Price: US $1990.91
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Class: Vintage
Weight: 10.8
S/N: 80300582, dates to January 30, 1980 at Gibson's Nashville plant.
The Gibson Les Paul Deluxe appeared in 1969 as a version of the Les Paul Standard gold top. Initially, it had a pair of mini-humbuckers and the gold top. The mini-humbuckers use the same cavity as the P-90 pickup, and in fact are mounted in modified P-90 covers.

By the mid 1970's, full size humbuckers were available, but these are not common. In 1971, other finishes including natural, sunburst and wine appeared. In 1985, the Deluxe was discontinued, but was reissued in 1999 for its 30th anniversary. There have been other reisuses - in 2006, a Pete Townsend Number 9 model was built in a run of 75, and from 2000 to 2005 a 1969 Reissue was available. Many examples of the Gibson Les Paul Deluxe were modified to accept full-size humbucking pickups.

This example dates to January 30, 1980 and was built in Gibson's new Nashville plant, during the transition from the historic Kalamazoo plant. It features the wine red nitrocellulose lacquer finish and mini-humbuckers. The back finish has lots of small dents - rivet and buckle wear. The top is in better condition with only a few marks. There are a couple of finish chips on the bass side of the heel right at the body. The electronics are original, but the tuners have been changed to Gibson Deluxe models with plastic keystone buttons; originally, Schallers were probably installed. The pickguard is not include, but pickguards are available. Fret wear is moderate to heavy in the lower positions, but there's certainly enough material for a fret dress and it plays well as is. At one time, a single-roller Bigsby was installed, so there are extra holes on the tail from the Bigsby hinge plate. A Strap Pin was installed on the back at the heel - this has been removed but the hole is still there.

I like this guitar. During this period, neck profiles were not as thick as they became, but at the same time are not skinny or too thin. At 9.8 pounds, it's not extremely light, but is comfortable. The original hardshell case is included.

Visit the Gibson website to learn more about the current Gibson Les Paul Deluxe!

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