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1980 Ramirez 1a Classical Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $4950
US Price: US $3942.02
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 14885, top stamped #19. Built during 1980 at the Ramirez shop in Madrid, Spain.
The Ramirez 1a has been at the top of the concert classical guitar range since its introduction in the 1960s. This example dates to 1980, and bears a builder's stamp on the inside top. The stamp is '19', the number used by Master Luthier Julian Moraga Rodriques.

The Ramirez 1a, now known as the 'Tradicional', is built with a German spruce or, in this case, red cedar top and Indian Rosewood back, sides, bridge and headplate, Spanish cedar neck and ebony fingerboard. The scale length has varied over the years; currently it is 650mm but in this case, the scale is 665mm. The longer scale length increases the string tension and the guitar volume.

This 1980 Ramirez Model 1a is in very good condition with no history of repairs. There are some expected wear marks, likely from fingernails, on the top. The action is presently set to 8/64ths treble to 8.5/64ths bass, a standard concert action. Scale length is 665mm and the nut width is 52mm. A deluxe archtop Everest hard shell case is included.

Visit the Guitarras Ramirez website to learn more about the current Model 1a, also know as the Traditional.

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