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1981 J. K. Lado Solo 1 (SOLD)

Price: CDN $750
US Price: US $597.28
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Class: Vintage
S/N: Solo-1-146
In 1977, The Twelfth Fret opened its doors at 920 Kingston Road in Toronto, in premises previously occupied by Joseph Kovacic, also known as Joe Lado. Joe had just moved his burgeoning guitar company to a plant in Uxbridge, Ontario.

We regularly saw Joe; he would drop by on his visits to Toronto for parts and materials. His expanding shops also gave work experience to many young Toronto luthier.

This Lado Solo 1 is likely from 1981, when the through-neck design really took off for companies like Lado and B.C Rich. Many top level players used these guitar designs as an alternative to the standard Gibson and Fender models; they offered new looks and vastly more tonal possibilities.

This Lado Solo 1 is in good overall condition. It is built mostly from hard maple with walnut for the lamination between the neck core and body 'wings', and ebony for the fingerboard. As was very common on early 1980's guitars, the neck position has a DiMarzio PAF and the bridge a Super Distortion, and the bridge is Leo Quann Badass model. On this model, the electrinics are pretty straightforward, with standard Gibson-style wiring.

A harddshell case is included.

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