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1981 Yamaha SG1000 Sunburst SOLD

Price: CDN $850
US Price: US $676.91
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 025561, built early 1981 at Yamaha Japan.
The Yamaha SG1000 was introduced in 1976 as part of an improved line of SG models. These improvements were heavily based on input from Carlos Santana.

The Yamaha SG1000 is a double-cutaway guitar; the body uses a solid mahogany back and an arched maple cap. The neck is three pieces, a maple center section and mahogany sides. The fingerboard is rosewood, with mother of pearl position marker inlays and plastic inlays on the headplate. The hardware is gold plated, with a fair amount of tarnish and wear. The SG pickup covers are black, with cutouts to expose the bobbin tops while protecting the coil windings. The black on the covers is farily worn. The finish is a cherry sunburst in a poly material.

This guitar has been used as intended, and so it has a fair amount of body denting. However, structurally, this guitar is in good playing condition, and fret wear is light.

The original case is included.

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