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1985 Ramirez 1a Professional Modelo Camara Left Handed SOLD

Price: CDN $6950
US Price: US $5534.76
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Vintage
S/N: 18648, built during 1985 at the Ramirez shop in Madrid, Spain
This is one of very few, specially built left handed Ramirez 1a guitars. Originally built as a Modelo Camara, this instrument featured a rosewood 'fan' about halfway up the inside, and this fan has been removed to open the guitar's tone.

This guitar was originally purchased by an Australian left-handed rock guitarist who had been captivated by hearing Andres Segovia on radio during 1961. After several years of diligent effort, this guitarist was able to meet and play for Segovia during his 1964 Australian tour. Subsequently, Segovia approached Ramirez to consider building a left-handed model, his first ever. It was delivered to Australia in 1966. The guitarist now has a total of four left-handed Ramirez 1a guitars, and the one offered here, built in 1985, is the third.

This Ramirez 1a is in good original condition, and plays well. It is lightly worn, as expected, but has a small amount discoloration on the label. A crack on the back has been repaired in our shop. It is currently set up with an action height or 8/64ths inch treble and 8.5/65ths bass.

A worn but serviceable Hamilton case is included.

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