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1988 Stelling Staghorn 5-String Banjo SOLD

Price: CDN $3750
US Price: US $2986.38
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Weight: 12.3 lbs banjo
S/N: 3361, built during 1988 at the Stelling Banjo Works in Afton, Va.
Since 1975, the Stelling Staghorn has been the flagship instrument from the Stelling Banjo Works in Afton, Virginia, featuring rare materials like highly figured Claro (California Black) Walnut and Abalone. Currently, the new price for a Stelling Staghorn exceeds $8400 US!

This Stelling Staghorn dates to 1988, and is in good condition with no serious scratches or dings. It has been used as intended, so it is played in, and the frets have been dressed and the banjo set up by Grant MacNeill as part of the consignment arrangement. Two Keith tuners are installed. The included case is a custom made, very sturdy and heavy wood trimmed case. The banjo itself weighs 12.3 pounds, but the case weighs 19.6 pounds!

Stelling Staghorn banjos are visually impressive, but not overdone. The highly figured claro walnut resonator features a staghorn motif overlaid, with abalone binding on the resonator edge, and the neck's walnut is also highly figured. The peghead and fingerboard bear a stag horn inlay set of Mother of Pearl and Abalone. The plating is nickel, which naturally tarnishes over the years to a pleasant patina. The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer, in good condition with a few minor scratches on the resonator, and natural sinking into the wood pores.


Visit the Stelling Banjos website to learn more about the spectacular Stelling Staghorn Banjo!

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