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1992 William Laskin Flamenco Blanca Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $4500
US Price: US $3583.66
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: N/A, signed as 1992.
William Laskin's guitars are top shelf. Even when the design is simple and plain, as with this Laskin flamenco blanca, the extreme care in craftsmanship is immediately evident. Every detail has been carefully considered, every joint is tight and clean.

Built in 1992 at his shop in Toronto, Canada, this William Laskin Flamenco Blanca guitar is in very good condition with one ding on the cedar top. It is built in the traditional Spanish manner with cedar top, cypress back and sides, mahogany top, ebony fingerboard, and headplate. The rosewood bridge has bone borders around the tieblock. Ebony is also used for the body and fingerboard binding, the back strip and heel cap.

The scale length is 655mm and the nut width is 52mm; it has ebony friction tuners, and bone nut and saddle. A grey Calton case is included.

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