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1993 Fender VibroVerb 1963 Reissue 2×10 Combo (SOLD)

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Class: Used
S/N: AB04078, built during December 1993 at the Fender Corona plant.
Introduced in early 1963, the Fender VibroVerb 40 watt combo amp was the first production Fender amp with built-in reverb, and this feature quickly spread to most other amps -- not just in the Fender line. The first models were 'brownface'; at the end of 1963, Fender had remodelled their line and the 'blackface' amps, using black tolex instead of brown, and black panels with white lettering appeared. The blackface Vibroverb was built differently - there were small changes to the circuit, including the use of an optical coupler for the vibrato and a bright switch was added - but also, the 2x10 speakers were replaced with a 1x15 inch speaker, either Jensen or JBL.


This amplifier is a reissue of the original 'brownface' Vibroverb from early 1963. It has the 2x10 speaker arrangement, and Fender took pains to reproduce the look and feel of the original amplifier. It's not a completely slavish reproduction; it does use a printed circuit board, the reverb jacks are 1/4 inch rather than RCA jacks, there's a solid state rectifier, and it has a to-code grounded power cord. The Quality Control panel on this amp dates it to December 1993.


This amp is in great condition, and is really good sounding - if you need clean, clear tone at a reasonable volume in a package that won't break your back, this could very well be it.


Click here to read the user manual, with specs, for the Fender VibroVerb 1963 Reissue Amp!

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