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1996 G V Rubio Torres Model Classical Guitar SOLD

Price: CDN $3400
US Price: US $2707.65
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 12796, built during 1996 in Los Angeles, California.
G V, or German Vasquez Rubio, builds many fine classical and flamenco guitars from his shop in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Pracho, Mexico, German built his first concert grade guitar in 1968 and ultimately moved to Los Angeles. His instruments are extremely well made using the highest quality materials.

Built in 1996, this G V Rubio Torres model feature a spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood for the sides, back, binding, headplate and bridge, Spanish Cedar for the neck and Ebony for the fingerboard. As a Torres model, the body is slightly smaller than modern concert grade guitars.

The finish is French Polish, which lacks gloss and provides moderate protection to the instrument, but allows the wood to vibrate freely. French polish is also fairly repairable compared to lacquer or poly finishes.

Gilbert tuners are installed; the scale length is 650mm and the nut width 54mm.

This fine instrument is in good condition and has been well played; a top crack was repaired by Paul Saunders, who builds classical guitars near Wainfleet, Ontario.

Visit the G V Rubio Guitars website here!

Visit Paul Saunder's Website here!

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