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1996 J.K. Lado Electric Tenor Guitar (SOLD)

Price: CDN $950
US Price: US $756.55
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Class: Used
J.K. Lado instruments have a link to The Twelfth Fret - the original address of The Twelfth Fret on Kingston Road had been the Lado shop, and it became available when Joe Kovacic moved to much larger premises north of Toronto.

From 1996, here's a Lado Electric Tenor guitar, built in the style of an ES-type thinline archtop guitar. The top, sides and back are heavily flamed maple; the neck is also maple with an ebony fingerboard. Simplified two-humbucker electronics are used, with an OBL pickup at the neck, a Lado custom humbucker at the bridge, a selector switch and master volume and tone controls.

The finish appears to be nitrocellulose lacquer, in a three-tone sunburst. It's in very good condtion with no significant marking or damage.

This tenor guitar is in very good condition. The neck set is somewhat low, and the action is currently at 4/64ths treble and 5/64ths bass. Otherwise, it plays well and cleanly.

A gig bag is included.

Visit the Lado Guitars website here!

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