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SOLD!! 1997 Gretsch G460 Thinline Archtop Guitar SOLD

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US Price: US $1155.53
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Class: Used
S/N: 976460-36, built around 1997 at Terada in Japan for Gretsch.
Here's something we've never seen before - from 1997, a Gretsch G460 thinline archtop electric, and it's in very nice condition.

Following the bankruptcy of Baldwin, Fred Gretsch was able to buy back the Gretsch company, but had to start from scratch. Much of the larger production was contracted to Terada in Japan, who continue to make excellent guitars including the Gretsch line.

This Gretsch G460 is an interesting guitar with some other instruments in the same class. The original was likely the Gibson Chet Atkins CEC, the cutaway electric classical, and the successor is the very successful Godin Multiac line.

The Gretsch G-460 is a thinline archtop electric guitar, with a chambered mahogany back (routed out to provide weight relief, resonance, bracing and space for the electronics) and an arched, laminate, X-braced flame maple top with one 'cat's eye' soundhole - and an ebony pin bridge as found on steel string acoustic guitars. Under the saddle, there's a piezo pickup, with EQ trimpots and a battery panel accessible on the back. The controls include a volume and a tone control; the tone control has a center detente and boosts highs or lows. The neck is mahogany with an ebony fingerboard The finish is a typical Gretsch orange on the top and a dark walnut stain on the back, sides and neck.

Overall, this guitar is in very good condition with just a few marks on the back and one small chip on the edge near the lower, back, treble bout. We suspect that the Gotoh 510 21:1 ratio tuners are not original, but they completely cover any traces of the original gears. It plays very well, it's very light and resonant, and sounds good. A non-original hardshell case is included.

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