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1997 Ibanez GB-10JS George Benson Archtop (SOLD)

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Class: Used
S/N: 7010035, dates to around 1997 at a Korean Ibanez plant.
George Benson had been playing professionally for hears when he started charting big hits around 1976 with the song Masquerade. Ibanez introduced the GB-10 Signature guitar in 1977. This versatile jazz guitar has been in production since.


At first glance, the Ibanez GB-10 is an ordinary small-body archtop guitar with F-holes. The top is laminated spruce, the back and sides are laminated maple, the neck is maple with an ebony fingerboard and there's a tasteful use of mother of pearl and abalone for position markers and headstock inlays.


The guitar seen here is an Ibanez GB-10JS George Benson, built in Korea (most GBs are from Japan) between 1996 and 1999. Based on the first digit of the serial number, we believe it to be a 1997 model. The JS stands for 'Jazz Standard'.


This example is in excellent condition, physically and in terms of playability. It has the usual GB-10 layout, with a pair of floating humbuckers and tension-adjustable tailpiece. It is currently strung with flatwounds and the original hardshell case is included.


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