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1998 Alessandro High End English Coonhound Amplifier SOLD

Price: CDN $2250
US Price: US $1791.83
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: N/A, built during 1998 in Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA.
Aside from the usual amp manufacturers, it's more common to see pieces like this Alessandro High End English 'Coonhound' Class A amplifier, handbuilt using carefully selected components. Building an amplifier this way is much more time consuming - standard tolerances on electronic parts can be as much as 10% or 20% of the listed value, so it's no wonder that production amps don't all sound exactly the same.


George Alessandro took the concept of high end audiophile equipment and applied it to guitar amplifiers, coming up with a line of amps intended for the discerning player.


The Alessandro High End English Coonhound amp is a 20 watt, Class A amp, with 4 EL-84 power tubes and a pair of 6SL7 Octal preamp tubes, hand built of individually selected components and installed in a hand rubbed oak cabinet. New, this model sells for US$2,800.


This amp is in great shape with very little wear.


Follow this link to learn more about Alessandro English Amplifers!

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