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1999 Kendrick Trainwreck Climax Combo Amplifier SOLD

Price: CDN $1599
US Price: US $1273.39
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Class: Used
S/N: 048
The Kendrick Trainwreck Climax combo amp used designs licensed from the late Ken Fisher whose Trainwreck Circuits made some of the most sought-after amps. Some players preferred them to Dumbles. Unfortunately, Ken Fisher died in late December, 2006 and when his health was failing, he licensed some of his designs to various companies like Kendrick and Komet.

Kendrick Trainwreck Climax amplifers feature a licensed Fisher design and were built by Gerald Weber. They feature a canary wood cabinet and 2x12 inch Weber Blue Pup speakers.

This relatively rare, great sounding amplifier is in good working and physical condition with a few small dents to the cabinet and grillecloth.

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