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SOLD!!! 2000 Cornford MK50H Tube Amplifier Head

Price: CDN $1999.99
US Price: US $1592.73
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 0383, built around 2000 in the UK.
Designed and hand built in the UK, the hand-built, point to point Cornford MK50H tube amplifier head was regarded as one of the best amps available. Cornford ceased production in 2013 so these amps are no longer available new.

This Cornford MK50H, a 50-watt tube amp head, is in good clean condition with no rips or dents. The original two-button footswitch is included.

Visit the Cornford Amps website to learn more about the Cornford MK50H!

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