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2000 Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

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The Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard is based on the 1959 Les Paul Standard used by Peter Green, who replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Green then fronted Fleetwood Mac during their early days as a blues band. Gary Moore bought that 1959 Les Paul from Peter Green shortly after Green left Fleetwood Mac. Gary Moore died in 2011, and the guitar is now owned by Kirk Hammett.

Rather than being a direct reproduction, the Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard has a number of physical differences from the original. Immediately evident is lack of binding - this shows off the flame top and lemonburst finish better. The body is weight relieved for comfort.

The pickups are Burstbucker Pro models, with the neck pickup reversed, as was the case on Peter Green's guitar. The control layout is traditional, with Orange Drop capacitors. The installed pickguard is a replacement; the original signed pickguard is in the case.

This guitar is in very good condition with only light wear. There are some slight jean-rivet marks on the back, the lacquer is naturally sinking to an expected degree, but there are no real dings or damage. The original case is included.

Learn more about the Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard at the Gibson Guitars website!

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