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2000 Kinal MK5 Fretless Bass (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1299
US Price: US $1034.48
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Class: Used
Mike Kinal has been building instruments, especially basses, at his shop in Vancouver for over 40 years. These are very well designed, well made instruments.

This Kinal MK5 Fretless Bass is from around 2000, and is in excellent condition from physical and playability standpoints. The nicely contoured swamp ash body has a gloss, translucent green finish (as does the headplate), while the neck (built of maple with Wegne layers, and a rosewood fingerboard) has a gloss finish. This is based on a fretted design - the 24 fret slots were filled with a light wood, perhaps maple or pear, to make accurate tuning simple.

For hardware, it's all black; the tuners and bridge are Gotoh. A Bartonlini 5-string soapbar pickup is used, with a volume control and a stacked tone pot.

This instrument is in excellent condition, with very little wear. It plays very well and the setup will be adequate, as is, for many players. A gig bag is included.

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