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2000 Lester DeVoe Flamenco Blanca (SOLD)

Price: CDN $8125
US Price: US $6470.49
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Class: Used
S/N: N/A, built during 2000 at Lester DeVoe's shop in Nipomo, California.
Lester DeVoe began building in 1975 after trying to find an equal to the tone and responsiveness of his flamenco teachers's 1924 Santos Hernandez guitar, and realizing that such instruments are rare.  

Built with a very focused attention to detail and tone, DeVoe guitars are among the best in the world. His flamenco customers include Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo and the late Sabicas, and his classicals are played by the likes of Pavel Steidl and Pepe Romero.  

It is not common to see a DeVoe guitar for sale, and we are pleased to offer this outstanding instrument.  

This DeVoe Flamenco Blanca guitar was built in Lester DeVoe's shop in Nipomo, California during 2000. It features a European Spruce top, Cypress back and sides, Spanish Cedar for the neck and ebony for the fingerboard and bridge. The top features a rose pattern rosette, and the body and neck are joined in the traditional Spanish style.  

Along with the label, DeVoe's signature and build date is written inside the bass waist of the top. Yes, the photo is reversed, to show the mirrored reflection of the signature.  

The peghead overlay is ebony and, in a wonderful improvement on tradition, PegHed tuners are installed. These have the look of traditional ebony pegs - but they contain a geared mechanism and tune smoothly and positively, with no slippage.  

The scale length is 665mm and the nut width 54mm. Tap plates are installed, and an extra plate is behind the tie block to prevent wear on the top from changing strings.  

Wear is very light, with a few light marks on the golpeador.  

A black Hiscox case is included.  

Visit Lester DeVoe's website to learn more about his current Flamenco Blanca guitars!  

Visit the PegHed website to learn more about these wonderful upgrades for traditional wooden tuning pegs.

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