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2001 Gretsch G6196GC Country Club Cadilac (SOLD)

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Class: Used
S/N: 0110196-78, dates to October 2001 and likely the Terada plant in Japan.
In the Gretsch world, the White Falcon got the glitz but the Country Club, here the Gretsch G6196GC in Cadillac Green, got a lot of style and class.


Like the White Falcon, the Gretsch Country Club has a full size - 17 inch - fully hollow archtop body with bound F-holes. However, the Country Club is aimed towards more 'serious' players and has a spruce top, for a warmer, jazzier tone. The rest of the body is laminate maple; the neck is maple with a bound ebony fingerboard and block position markers.


This Gretsch G6196GC Country Club was built in Japan, likely at the Terada plant during October of 2001, not long before Gretsch met up with Fender for support and distribution. It's in very nice condition and plays really well. Fret wear is light. Its original DynaSonic pickups are in the case, having been replaced with TV Jones Classics, in the DeArmond mount. This mount provides the sparkle and hum cancellation of the TV Jones Classic without having to change the pickup mount in any way. The metal hardware is gold coloured, and the Gotoh tuners have deco-style stair-step buttons, like Grover Imperial models. A Bigsby has been added, and the bridge is a non original, fairly massive, fully adjustable unit and its ebony base has been screwed to the top.


The original Gretsch-branded hard shell case is included.

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